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Characteristics of the restaurant system

Restaurant System

Advantages of the general system

  1. Supports barcode technology
  2. Supports printing technology to thermal printers

 Customer Display -3 Supports client screen technology

  1. Supports the barcode printing technology of the system for a specific category or the printing of a barcode for a specific document for a variety of items

The quantities of items in Sindh and the famous barcode types

  1. Supports the technique of using the electronic balance of items that are linked to the balance
  2. Supports attachment archiving by attaching attachments to the document and retaining it as an image with the scanner device

In the system database and can be reviewed and printed at any time

7 – Supports multi-unit technology for the variety and multiple barcode for the same unit

8 – easy to import movements and download them again without the need to re-enter them

Excel 9. Support export and import of bond data through the application

  1. Document the registration of an unlimited number of items per bond
  2. Synchronization of movement bonds with high accuracy

12 – The property of dealing with departments when the multiplicity of departmental data in the establishment as well as cost centers

13 – The property of linking the item with the reference of the line and the operating code, the date of completion and the model in the details of the bond.

  1. The possibility of linking the document to the data of departments, regions, collectors and delegates

15 – the possibility of determining the actual currency of the document and determine the conversion rate of the currency in the case of dealing more than one currency in the system

  1. Ease of movement between movements through the previous and next button

17- Importing the opening balances of the items and dropping them from any financial year automatically or from any compatible database

18 – Provide correction rules that prevent the misinformation of data

19 – easy to review the document by entering the number directly or search through the search screen and the possibility of return

Print the document again according to the privileges granted

  1. The flexibility of editing and deleting from the same screen according to the powers granted to the user before the migration is final for the movement.

21 – a feature to specify additional data for the document such as the movement code reference number and the number of attachments

  1. Supports the entity’s classification property by selecting the document’s title and document title

Print it

23 supports the addition and review of data from the same document without the need to exit the bond. –

24 Determining the start and end date of the fiscal year and the possibility of its amendment so that the system does not need to close the financial year of the system –

Ability to specify the date of entry of the document according to the date of the device.

A flexible mechanism for numbering of bonds and their customized coordination of system preferences.

Ability to define and format reports through system preferences.

Automatic migration options without having to go through review.

Ease of entering the purchase premium of the supplier from the same purchase invoice.

Daily and monthly closing with the possibility of preventing the use of a certain date or period.

Provide monitoring reports for any amendment or deletion of any movement in the system and time and responsible for it and any device.

32 Issuing various warning messages for incorrect data or alerting them for reasons such as large amount or –

Quantity is large or as per settings.

33 Speed ​​to query the balance of the item from the same screen by pressing F5 in the account number.

34 Ability to review the statement of account from the same screen by pressing F4 in the account number.

35 Access to administrative, financial and closing reports and all movements as per different options and meet you all –

Your needs

36 Diversity in reporting more than one format –

37 Easy to review accounts balances by accounting classification or master account or –

the group.

38 The possibility of determining the closing account of any account in the expenses and revenues in the account that you specify from the directory of accounts  -Himself


39 Provide the account name of the account to any account has been added so that you can show the budget more than one accounting guide –

One with aggregate balances when the account name is similar to more than one account.

41 The introduction of budget estimates for any period of time and follow-up financial deviations –

41 The possibility of importing a directory of accounts from a file – Excel easily.

42 Support for the suspension of the account when necessary and the possibility of canceling the closure when needed –

43 Recording bank reconciliation notes –

44 Supports handling of warranty checks and letters of guarantee –

45 Ability to record financial notes by user –

46 User Logging Feature –

47 Diversity of recording of credit and debit notes and bank notes –

48 Ability to register and enter bonds for more than one user at the same time –

49 Possibility of automatic or manual backup of a complete database –

51 The possibility to set the security and security of data according to the security code specified in the system –

51 Multiple users and multiple powers –

52 Multi-currency –

53 Multi-Branches –

54 Support to deal with cost centers –

55 Possibility of multiple companies so that each company is an independent establishment in its accounting guide and all other data on –

Other company

56 The possibility of using multiple companies that fit the teaching of the program to students in universities and institutes so that each student –

To create their own company as well as to use this feature for legal accountants who need more review

From a company in the same machine and with the same license special offer for institutes and colleges

57 Easy to download educational and experimental versions of our website – as a demo version of about

Five hundred movements.

58 The possibility of identifying databases suitable for the work of the establishment in four different types – ORACLE ORACLE – SQL Server -ACCESS ACCESS -MySQL MySQL

59 System operation directly via the Internet or using the synchronization software of our system or other technology such as –

VPN, DSL or STREX system

61 Data synchronization via an external device such as FLASH DISK

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