Restaurant system

Restaurant System


  • the latest technology of inputting, touch screen , barcodes and short-hand keyboard
  • provides 20 groups of meals, with 53meals in each group, displayed on the monitor
  • supports dealing with prepaid (safari) and tables orders
  • convenient for touch screen and dealing with barcodes
  • printing orders to the kitchen and to the dept. of each meal
  • linking tables with waiters
  • multi-tables / integrating tables
  • arranging orders time, time needed to prepare meals, and reporting the meals balance
  • using mobile computer to submit orders from the table, and sending them to the system via Bluetooth or wireless net
  • linking more than one point to find out booked tables and vacant ones
  • multi-payment : cash , indebt, host, visa card – according to authorities
  • reporting lost meals, and the waiter in charge

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