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    Our Mission

Our Mission

Building promising future by introducing high-qualified cadre dedicated to success and inspired by innovation and enthusiasm, fulfilling the market needs and requirements, transforming knowledge into actual implementation, realizing self-sustainable development and building business and commercial assets.

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    Brief History

Brief History

With more than two decades experience, we have been able to realize sustainable growth and success, applying the best and latest strategies and technology available. 

Betasys has been able to achieve significant success during the past years, and now it has got widespread and efficient presence in all provinces in Yemen, with an average annual growth of 20-30%.

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    Our Objectives

Our Objectives

  • Building and maintaining a positive image to gain the customers’ trust, and highlighting the advantages and characteristics of our brand products to be in line with the customers’ satisfaction.
  • Attracting international reliable companies and distributing agencies of high quality brand products.
  • Realizing annual growth rate and increasing the expected share of the company in the market.
Our Vision
Being distinguished is what we are , being pioneering is what we have been , providing the best is what we do , and to be the top in the IT world -in Yemen - is what we are looking forward to.
IbnHayyan Group owns the following five affiliated subsidiary companies:-

Betasys for Information Technololgy:-

  • The company's business scope of activities include the following major activities:-

The company was established in Sana’a in 2001, to provide services in the field of information technology and distinguished integrated software solutions. The company’s major objective, in the computer era, is catering the Yemeni market needs and requirements of modern technology to be in line with such accelerated development. This is to be achieved by providing and enhancing superior quality systems, hardware, and software of internationally recognized and specialized brands products for marketing – ensuring warranties and availability. In addition, Betasys – with its highly qualified technicians and salesmen – provides distinguished after sale services to its customers, and for its brands products.

    • Point of Sales and accessories
    • Access Control solutions
    • Fingerprint solutions
    • Electronic gates :(Turnstile gates – Barriers )
    • Metal-Detectors (Walkthrough  – Handheld Metal Detector)     
    • Video Surveillance ( CCTV )
    • Smart ID Card Printer Solutions and accessories
    • Providing solutions for automatic inventory of stock, assets and others.
    • Providing solutions for following up of sales and marketing representatives.
    • Providing software solutions and consultancies in all fields.

    Organizing and sponsoring several courses and programmers in liaison with universities and specialized institutes.

  • Administrative Structure:-


    • Efficient and highly experienced team, well versed of the market.
    • Success in building, developing and maintaining business relations.
    • Good reputation in the market.
    • Trustworthy business relations with both public and private sectors.
    • Continuous development of programs and systems.
    • Developing and enhancing skills of marketing and sales team.
    • Optimum utilization of IT in all our sectors.
  • Human Resource

IbnHayyan for Drugs & Medical Appliances:-

  • IbnHayyan & Mohdar Co. distributes and promotes the original products of major pharmaceutical international companies including:-

IbnHayyan&Mohdar Website

IbnHayyan&Mohdar Co. distributes and promotes the original products of major pharmaceutical international companies including:-

    • Eisai Co. of Japan.
    • GlaxoSmithKline of U.K.
    • Alcon Pharmaceuticals – Switzerland.
    • Sanofi Aventis of Italy.
    • GE of Ireland.
    • Aspen Healthcare – South Africa.
    • Echart of U.S.A.
    • Raza Medical Supplies.
    • Kilani Industrial of Jordan.
    • Sifat of Tunis
    • Teriaq Laboratories of Tunis

IbnHayyan Chain of Pharmacies:-

IbnHayyan Pharmacies Website


This chain of Pharmacies was established in 1998.  Currently, there are 14  ideal pharmacies and 5 pharmacies under establishment.

IbnHayyan Pharmacies chain has become one of the best pharmacies in terms of products availability, customer service growth, human resources and average annual sales in Yemen.

Al-Razi Pharma :-

Al-Razi Pharma Co. distributes and promotes the original pharmaceutical products of the following pharmaceutical companies:-

    • Krka of Slovenia.
    • PharmaScience of Canada.
    • Pharmaline of Lebanon.

IbnHayyanPharma for Drugs & Medical Appliances:

IbnHayyan  Pharma website

Current Scenario:-

IbnHayyanPharma was established in 2008 following acquiring the distribution and promotion rights of the products of the following companies:-

    • Scan Pharma of Denmark.
    • Al-Taqaddom Pharmaceuticals of Jordan.
    • DexelPharma of Belgium.


IbnHayyan Group deals with the most reputable banks including:-

  • Yemen Commercial Bank.
  • Tadhamon International Islamic Bank
  • Shamil Bank of Yemen & Bahrain.
  • Yemen Kuwait Bank for Investment.
  • International Bank of Yemen.









  • Milesight
  • ViRDl
  • Bixolon
  • Aclas
  • Garrett
  • Honeywell
  • Fargo
  • Datalogic
  • Czur
  • Cmitech