Technical Support and Maintenance

Betasys provides the best technical support services for all customers; customers’ trust is our major objective and is considered as the basis of developing and improving our products; we believe that our customers’ success in managing their business using Betasys systems and programs is the real sign of our success.

  • The systems are installed in the specified location after receiving a note from the customer ensuring that all installation technical requirements have been finished.
  • Training of the customers and/or their employees, Who will be in charge of Betasys systems at the company head office premises.
  • A password is given to the “Admin” user in charge of the system; and he is trained to assign authorities according to the duties of each user.
  • Free installation and operation of sale points (printers, balances and barcodes) attached to the system, if bought from Betasys.
  • Free maintenance valid for one year from the date of installation, provided:

– protecting data and data base against viruses and/or delete,

– the system supports “back-up” copies; so the customer will have to       save daily back-up copies; if not , and the data base is damaged , Betasys will not be held in charge.

  • Free maintenance does not include the re-installation and license of the system once the computer has had a problem with its operation system as a result of viruses, power, or moving the devise to another location; so, keeping the computer safe is a must; otherwise the customer will have to pay for installing, operating and license.
  • Free maintenance does not include sale points such as balances or printers.
  • Free maintenance does not include extra work by technicians in holidays/vacations; the customer will have to pay for this.
  • Once the customer has got frequent problems, as a result of inputting mistakes, he will be informed to attend training programs.
  • All the above mentioned tasks are carried out by a highly qualified team of engineers and technicians, with great deal of experience and skill, and for all our customers in the different provinces of Yemen.