Features & Characteristics

Time Attendance system

Attendance System

  • Processing all attending  and leaving  data, daily and automatically using fingerprint devices;
  • Multi languages ( Arabic & English );
  • Works on ( MS, SQ, SERVER ) data bases;
  • Works on different versions of Windows (Win XP, Win2000, Win2003 Server…);
  • Provides alert messages and notifications for users when making errors or unauthorized operations;
  • Protection system to define users’ authorities;
  • Ability of registering the name of the user in charge of inputting data, along with time and date, and the monitors he used in a definite period;
  • A network system which can be loaded on a server and more than one terminal device via LAN;
  • A system based on SERVER/CLIENT technology, i.e. multi branch with (WAN) network, and ability to monitor branches from the main office;
  • Ability of sending reports to WORD or EXCEL files;
  • The technology used in this system provides easy and flexible search to get employees’ data.
  • The system supports dealing with fixed work hours and shifts;
  • Defines weekends, official holidays and emergency leaves – for a whole year;
  • Processing all attending and leaving data, as per the system/regulations of the entity;
  • Defines the different types of leaves (annual – illness – death – marriage ….etc.);
  • Recording work tasks – overtime work – permissions ;
  • Recording penalties and warning notes (automatically and manually), in addition to training courses and thanks notes;
  • Issuing different reports (daily – monthly – periodically) like a daily record, absence, delays, leaves, tasks, monthly reports, total reports…etc; such reports can be for one or more employee and as per (period, dept., branch…ect.)

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