Request for Technical Support

Dear client you can easily get this service by contacting Customer Service Dept., informing them all application details by any of the following ways:
Direct Contact with Customer Service Dept.
Conditions of Service Application:
– Request should be made by the system administrator or any one behalf in the client organization.
– The request should be recorded by the contact person in the department; request can be received either through a phone call or fax by Customer Service Dept. in the nearest branch to you. Call Us
– Caller should mention all required information and details of complaint or request so that it can be easy to handle.
– The Caller should ask for the number of application form from the employee, who recorded the order so that case can be traced and closed accurately.

Service website has a proper monitoring and indication system for applications processes and performance are reported to the top management of Betasys who follow up every case for insuring rapid and quality service.
Service Application Manual