Solutions Development

Solutions Development

Solutions Development

Betasys uses the most up-to-date development tools and technologies according to sytems, , client size, type of application required. Development tools and technologies include:

* Oracle development Tools:

  1. Oracle Database 10g.
  2. Oracle Forms 10g
  3. Server Oracle Application

* Microsoft Development Tools:

  1. MS.SQL Server Database
  2. MS. Access Database
  3. Interface Development Tools: Visual Basics, Visual Basic.Net

* Other Development tools :

Java Script, Java Appleat, ASP.Net,


Development Methods:

* Development of Standard Systems:

By this method, system developed should have general and standard features, enable it to operate in all organizations of similar activity. Such systems had been developed after carrying out system analysis for many organizations of the same type, with different work conditions and characteristics. All these data is taken into consideration during system development so that system acquires the generality trait and also the flexibility when any modification needed to be done when required. Besides, many variables have been made in the systems so that they can be customized according to the business activity.

These systems are marketed as  ready –made  and called Off-Shelf Packages.

* Development of Special Systems:

System is developed for a certain organization, using a ready-made system of Betasys as a basis point, modification and additions are made to make it exactly fit to the use of that organization and meet all its requirements. These systems are called Tailored Packages.

* Project Development and Implementation:

Betasys  analyzes the manual work of an organization, defining all the problems and requirements of that organization, building a system from scratch so that all manual processes of the organization are automated, providing solutions and meet requirements. This kind of systems is called a project.

* Systems improving and upgrading:

Betasys improves and upgrades its systems by producing and launching new versions of these systems periodically, it depends in this process on two factors:

First: Accompanying the global up-to-date and developments of IT through the result of the experts in research and development in Betasys .

Second: Analyzing client notices and suggestions regarding the previous versions.

Betasys permanently seeks keeping its clients technically updated.