Maintenance Policy

Achieve your goals:

To achieve growth in your activity and increase in your profits, there are the most important requirements:
Reduce operating costs using appropriate technology and software.
Improve the efficiency of human resources by training and motivate them to innovate and add.
Avoid performance failure by preventing and ensuring speed in maintaining or handling any deviation.
Because Betasys boasts the success of its customers, and aims to perform their operations safely and stable, it ensures the development of their use of the systems without hindering their work, and keep pace with the requirements of the market in a timely manner.

Dear Customer: Betasys has reported any change in your company’s address data in terms of location, phone numbers, user data of your systems, branch data or new branches so that Yemen Team can meet your request in the shortest possible time.

Learn more and wait for the best ..

Dear customer .. These are some of the queries that you may be looking for to confirm your knowledge of them or to learn more about them:


do you say?

Learn more and wait for the best

I do not need maintenance now

But you need to work properly, improve your employees’ performance and develop your business.

I will not renew because I do not guarantee the speed of service

When we receive a delay with our customers not to exceed 24 hours work, we correct this, and develop work and partnership with our customers so as to ensure that the client does not stop completely and can correct technical failures as important as the solution of the holidays that stop work at the same time and secondary holidays not exceeding 24 hours .

I will sign the contract when a technical failure occurs Yemen should not be busy when the problem occurs without your service, because the time should be for support only, but the contracts have other times, and the renewal of the periodic maintenance can access the service directly and download new versions to ensure the work in a safe and sophisticated.

The price is high

Betasys t provides its customers with a small fee that ensures the customer’s needs are met by providing competent engineers and fast and sophisticated services to facilitate your business and keep you in constant security on the progress of your business smoothly, and you are among the more than 12,000 customers who renew maintenance at reasonable prices and without hesitation.

I want maintenance with bills when needed

Because .. Yemen should not provide technical support services with cash bills and do not like to hinder the customer when the service request, they .. Advise him to sign a maintenance contract to be able to meet his request, better and less expensive than maintenance by a bill according to the visit.

I do not need modifications. I do not need modifications or additions. I do not need any modifications, additions or additions

This is true if you stop developing your business, but knowledge, working methods and consumer concepts are constantly evolving, and you should keep up with that.

What if the customer without a maintenance contract What if the customer without maintenance contract without a mind

Betasys gives priority to the service to its customers with whom it is committed, and likes to distinguish its customers from the precaution, responsibility and care for knowledge and development in their operations.

How do you ensure the continued service of technical support?

Contact Betasys in your area before the end of the warranty period or maintenance contract and ask a customer service specialist.
You can request a report from the employee concerned about the services provided to you during the last period.
The competent Yemen Specialist should assist you in classifying your needs for the past period and appropriate solutions.
Submit your advice to Betasys to develop its performance in providing its services to you.
The specialist will complete the procedures of signing the maintenance contract with you to ensure your service in the coming period.