Permanent Support

Consultancy Services:

They are technical advice, recommendations, and instructions that is provided by consultants to enable customers get the most benefits from software effectively, overcome any difficulties or obstacles during system usage in customer work environment which can be resulted from disability of conformance the software details and work particularities. Betasys also provides consultancy to organization that need to convert form manual to automated systems.

  • Morning :  08:00 – 01:00 Afternoon
  • Evening :   04:30 To 08:00 Evening


Tel: 00967157664

Constant Technical Support: 

Calls for inquiries, requests, and problems are received by Customer Service Department and processed as follows:
* Desk Help (Prompt Assistance):

Customer Service Dept. answers all client inquiries daily for 8 hours:

Morning :  08:00 – 01:00 Afternoon

Evening :   04:30 To 08:00 Evening

* Remote Support (On-line):

Support is provided through Internet or phone lines, using access tools to solve any problems may occur

* Site Visit :

In case client demand cannot be met through phone call or remote support, specialized technician is sent to the client site to solve problems, fulfill requests, and answer inquires. Visit details are documented in a special form and signed by client as an evidence of case closure in a satisfactory approach.